Map of Outlets & Malls in Houston TX

Looking for a Map to locate all the Outlets & Malls in Houston TX? Quickly navigate to find your next premier shopping destinations nearby and find all shopping information required to plan your trip. There are many good shopping opportunities at the malls in Houston Texas and finding the right one is a good start. Find you mall near you may be your foremost reason to visit a certain mall, so then a map is extra useful. Also when you are just visiting Houston and don’t know exactly were to go to. If this is the case, here’s the answer. The outlet malls shown below are spread across Houston and therefore conveniently categorized by area of this huge city.

The areas are chosen based on the so called highway ‘loops’ that go around the city. There are three main loops:

  1. Interstate 610, the 38-mile-long central highway around the city
  2. Beltway 8, the second loop, with 83-miles of highway taking you around Houston
  3. State Highway 99, the Grand Parkway with 170-miles of road that forms the outer loop


Locate your area on the map of Houston below and check the numbers for the outlets and malls nearby your location. Below the map are quick links to all the outlets and malls in Houston TX, categorized by the areas of the city.

Map of Outlets & Malls in Houston TX
Map of Outlets & Malls in Houston TX – Click for a larger version

Central Houston

Central Houston is the area that mainly consists of malls located ‘Inside The Loop’ or Downtown & Uptown Houston, North Houston or South Houston. These malls are located close to each-other, as they serve the many people shopping in the center of Houston, either tourists or Houstonians. There’s lots of competition among them and it’s always good to closely check the mall’s strong and weak points before you start your shopping trip. Centrally located malls often have more opportunities for dining and entertainment after a long day of shopping, as they are closer to Downtown Houston.

01. Galleria Mall Houston
03. Memorial City Mall
06. Rice Village

Outside Beltway 8

Outside the Beltway 8, but still within the Texas State Highway 99, one of the longest beltways in the US. You can find some nice outlets and malls here. These are more spread out accross the city and you will need to check their stores and brands to see if they fit your shopping needs.

02. Houston Premium Outlets
09. Willowbrook Mall
07. Greenspoint Mall

Nearby Houston

All the outlets and malls located outside the SH 99, but still within a reasonable distance of Houston are listed below. They require some more driving, but often have something extra to offer. Check them out and find your favorite mall near Houston. Well known areas are Katy, The Woodlands and San Jacinto, which all have the mall named after the region.

04. Katy Mills Mall
08. Baybrook Mall
05. The Woodlands Mall